Innovative Solutions and Treatments for Healthy Teeth

If someone is behind on their dental visits and has recently started experiencing tooth pain or other dental issues, they may be a bit apprehensive about their upcoming appointment. However, what they may not realize is what awaits them at the dentist’s office. No, not a lecture about good oral health care. Instead, a wide array of changes in dental technologies designed to help keep teeth healthy will be found. Some of the newest technology that has been introduced can be found here.

High Tech X-Rays

There are some dental offices that now offer digitized X-rays. In fact, these are starting to replace traditional radiographs across the country. The digital X-rays are much faster and more efficient than the older method, and they provide better images of what’s going on in a patient’s mouth.

To use this method, a dentist will place an electronic sensor, or a phosphor plate (rather than film), in the patient’s mouth. This is what captures the actual image. Then, the digital image will be scanned or relayed to a computer where it can be viewed. It’s much faster than having to wait for the conventional film to be developed.

Detection of a Cavity with Lasers

In the past, dentists would use an “explorer” to locate any cavities. This is the instrument that’s used to poke around in a patient’s mouth during regular cleanings. If it “sticks” in a tooth, the dentist will take a closer look to see if there is any decay present.

Now, there are some dentists who are using a diode laser. This is a high-tech option that can help them detect and remove cavities. The laser can predict if there is decay in a tooth and determine if the tooth needs to be watched or a filling is necessary.

Thanks to modern innovations, there are more than a few amazing new treatment methods at a typical dental office. If it has been a while since someone scheduled an appointment, they should do so to learn about the exciting new equipment that is available. Being informed can help ensure they maintain a healthy mouth and smile.